*holga history & lightroom effect = classwork

Some Holga effect questions and such.

What is the Holga effect?
It is an effect that closely mimics the Holga, a medium format 120 film toy camera.

How did it start? Where and when?
The Holga was created in 1981 in China. It was made by T. M. Lee to provide a cheap camera to the working-class in China.

What are the basic identifying characteristics of a photo applied with the Holga effect?
The contrast seems to be a little higher, the blacks a little darker, and it is supposed to look soft and dream-like.

Give a link from the Internet where group of people are talking and sharing about this photography effect.

Give two examples of Holga photograph done by others.

And some pictures with some Lightroom Holga presets. The presets were a bit too grainy for me so I pulled up the luminance noise reduction bar and pulled down the grainy bar.

[ click for full-sized images ]
holga queen

holga with a side of pancake

holga in blue

holga virgin

holga 2011

picture examples and info

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